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Bottom of the pot

Bistrot du Boursier

88, rue Richelieu 75002

Savoyard restaurant, €€ between 15-30, menu around 18€

Telephone : : 01 42 96 83 59

Great place for fondue


bottom of the fondue pot
After the fondue has been scarfed up by hungry cheese monsters, if left unattended the layer that has stuck to the bottom of the pot starts to cook into a sort of fried cheese pancake. We dug it out and photographed it as we were so enthralled with our discovery. If I could eat cheese, I would definitely have eaten that!
bottem of the fondue pot
I was told by a French person that in order to keep the cheese from sticking to mercilessly to the sides of the pot (and thus making the process of cleaning it interminably difficult) one would traditionally crack an egg in the bottom of the pot once everyone has scraped out all the melted cheese they can eat. The egg will then cook onto the side, and although I am not sure how it does this, keeps the cheese from sticking. Way to go egg! ;-P

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