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Breeding bridezilas

Brides are a product of the industry that they now must rely on. It’s almost frightening to think that one of the most special events of your life, has turned into a money making machine that doesn’t really give a damn about you and your marriage, they just want to squeeze every penny out of you that they can under the pretext that THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF YOUR LIFE!!! I want to put duct tape over the mouth of anyone that says that. What on earth do they know about the most important day of everyone’s life!?!

So I got this invite from the Galaries Lafayette to go to a fashion show of wedding dresses. Oh fun! I thought. And it was kind of fun, but it was also scary. Scary like the Salon de marriage that I went to a few months ago. It made me laugh, because when I called to reserve my seat for the show, they asked me when my wedding was. I said, “Oh I’m not getting married, I am a blogger, this is for my blog.” That made the woman on the phone become very confused. She didn’t understand why I would be going there. She even go upset, when I asked her not to waste the rain forests and spam me with a bunch of publicity pamphlets. “I’m doing you a favor here by letting you reserve a seat to the show, this is really for brides of 2011 and 2012 only!” I felt like saying ‘well laaa ti daaa lady! I just can’t wait to be a bride and feel soooo special because I’ll be invited to your wedding gown fashion show!’ But I didn’t, because I knew she’d hang up on me.

The day of, I discovered that it was slightly more than a show. There was also a place to meet and greet with people who offer all sorts of wedding services. Those wedding vendors scare me! They are like vultures, literally, but they think they are swans, and that’s the problem. They all want to sell you something for this MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF YOUR LIFE! and they pitch it to you as if it is totally normal to spend an entire fortune on… just the flower arrangements, or just the reception hall rental. Your wedding becomes just a bunch of figures on the accounting sheet of some company who could care less if you live happily ever after.

I am not personally planning a wedding… I just went to this thing to see pretty white gowns for fun, but I learned NOT to say that I wasn’t getting married to the vendors, they look at you as if you are completely mad!

So with out much more ado… here is a peek at the fabulous gowns they showed :

Oh and this guy made me laugh…he had obviously been dragged here, and was not extremely enthusiastic :

And then he realized that he could distract himself by noticing that the models were hot… (not that he was interested in the male model…) :

I think the one thing I would purchase from this show would be the sparkle “oui” temporary tattoo. LOVE it! :

I wonder if these bridal salons actually “work”? Do the attendees actually find useful services and vendors to book for the “special” day? Or is it one big marketing flop? Because who in this economy can afford these overpriced “must-have” services? I think, when the time comes, I might even just go get some couture lessons over at BDA and make my own dress on the Sweat shop machines! Naaah! I’m kidding! (sort of).

Well any way, the dresses were pretty and I enjoyed that part. So…Mazel Tov to all the brides of 2011 and 2012 only! I hope you have a long and blissful marriage no matter what kind of shindig you throw. The important part is what happens afterwards and onwards.



  1. You have to keep in mind, though, that these salons often cost a fortune for vendors to exhibit at. I’m sure that that only fuels the fire and makes them even more pushy- trying to “make back” some of the thousands they’ve already plunked down.

    And I luved the blinged out body art too, btw!

  2. What struck me even more than the gowns is that this seems to be that rarest of fashion shows, where the models are permitted to SMILE! Because, on the HAPPIEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE (!!!), you shouldn’t be all hyper aloof & disdainful looking, as in all the other runway walks.

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