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A family affair

Le Cirque d’hiver Bouglione.

The Cirque d’Hiver was constructed in 1852, and is still standing. That is because those who practice, create and perform l’art du cirque do so with passion and a determination to see it survive. But then it is hard to image the circus disappearing as a form of art, because the acts just get more and more daring from one generation to the next. This was the place where the “flying trapeze act was invented and perform for the first time! And this year we see for the first time ever a woman walking the tightrope carrying a man on her shoulders (and she was signing the whole time). This just one of dozens of acts in the 2 and a half hour show that has you on the edge of your seat wondering “how do they do that!?!” or giggling like an eight year old with popcorn in your teeth. It’s fun and corny, and you feel like a kid for a couple hours, while you watch the daring acts of artists dazzle before your eyes.

The Bouglione family has been running the Cirque d’Hiver since 1934…and from the looks of it will do so for generations to come, as even the smallest Bouglione performs… he’s five years old. They do it all, with pizazz and with dedication, from lion taming to heart-stopping acrobats to impish clowning around… A place where children and adults alike can be delighted, enjoy this year’s show, “Prestige” a spectacular show…from their family to you and yours.

« Prestige »

« Prestige » at the Cirque d’Hiver until February 27th 2011

Billetterie du spectacle « Prestige »
Réservation : 0892 680 892*
*0,34 €/min


    1. It was a great show…too bad there weren’t more animals. My 18 month year old loved it! It will be a yearly event for us for sure 🙂

      The little Bouglione’s were so cute!

      But I disagree with the above comment to an extent…I wish there were some traditional clowns (not scary ones)…you just don’t see them anymore. Faces painted etc…

      Other than that it was a GREAT show and worth every penny

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