♫ Where do used clothes go when they die? They don’t go to heaven where the clothespins fly. Go to a hanging wire and dry. Wear ’em again til the Fourth of July… ♬

Rochas 225€

Actually they are reincarnated and get a chance at life again…. as they wait in Nirvana (anyone getting my little joke here?!?) where you may try them on for size and purchase them if you so fancy, so that they do live again. This place can otherwise be referred to as Thanx God I’m a V.I.P. and it can be reached by taking the righteous path to the 10th arrondissement in Paris, France.


I have never seen such a beautiful vintage store in my entire life. IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. The young couple that are the owners, have a knack for meticulous almost borderline maniac arranging capabilities, their store is IMPECCABLE…and everywhere you look you see a picture perfect line of color coordinated-gradient racks of frocks and feathers and fun, fun, fun things! They even have a stunning Dior evening gown to dream about. A ground level and an underground level great you with eyefuls of color, clean lines, spaciousness for browsing and so many many tangible articles. All of their articles are quality to luxury… there is NO bottom-of-the-barrel stuff here!

Leather clutches & wool and cashmere scarves


Only part of the shoe selection

Opened in 2009, Sylvie Chategnier, the driving force behind this stunning boutique, used to sell vintage luxury clothing items in her private boutique by rendez-vous only. La ti da! Thanx God I’m a VIP also has their own it-bag brand, and they do touch-ups and hemming in their store. Thanks God, because if you find something that you just can’t live without but it doesn’t fit well, they can help!


The peeptoe green silk Louboutin in the middle is size 40, and was marked at 250€!

What can you expect to find there??? Among others you can find treasures from YSL, Chanel, Lacroix, Rochas, Chloé, Louboutin, Nina Ricci, Lancôme, Prada, Givenchy…and more.


12 rue de lancry

75010 Paris

01 42 03 02 09

mardi au dimanche 14h-20h

(Tues-Sunday 2pm-8pm)

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  1. Omg! I’ve never stepped in the boutique and I’m already in love with it!

    1. Oh how brilliant! I’m in love! What a wonderful way to experience high end fashion without the price tag shock. This will be a “for sure” on my list of places to frequent. Wonderful post!

  2. i l0ve PARIS!


  3. Wow, beautiful stuff. Love your blog, will be adding it to my blog roll.

  4. To be honest, Vintage has never appealed to me. I don’t like the idea of wearing other people’s clothes. I don’t know why, I just don’t. Your post has made me think twice and I’m going to, at the very least, have a look because from what I’ve seen, this place looks amazing.

    Neatly arranged, organised and simple to search: the complete opposite of what I expected of a vintage shop. Thanks, that’s my Sunday afternoon planned!

  5. What a wonderful find! Coincidentally, last night I had my first visit to much-hyped Beacon’s Closet vintage shop in Williamsburg, NYC – and was completely disappointed. I daresay that THANX GOD I’M A V.I.P is the store that Beacon’s wants to be when it grows up. This shop is definitely added to my list of places to visit when next I am in Paris – thanks for sharing!


  6. OMG It is a good and bad thing that I am no longer in Paris. It is set up like a boutique and you can actually see the merchandise. I hate walking into vintage stores that are poorly organized and require you to step through and search through piles of stuff

  7. Ok, you convinced me ! Knowing I never felt confortable with the whole vintage concept .. well, may be a bag then ?! I’ll tell you about it after I visit thre place . Thanks for the address !

  8. Ummm, just added this to the list of places I MUST go to when I am in Paris this Spring. I am in love!!

  9. What a great vintage shop!! It’s tough to find such a well organized selection and I’m a HUGE fan of vintage, even simply for inspiration. I love how each piece has a story to tell. I’m on my way there…

  10. Kasia, you just found a great one =)

  11. Oooo!! I wish *I* was a VIP!! Looks delicious!!

  12. OMG, it’s the pearly gates of vintage. 🙂 What a dream.
    dahlila xo

  13. Oh, what a great store!! I must go and take a peek !!
    Thanks for sharing the secret!!

  14. Yes, I love this place. There is another one nearby called chezchiffons, 47 rue de lancry, same street, you may follow towards the Canal Saint Martin.
    It is a much smaller space but a real must see as well.

  15. What a heavenly place to visit! I could see spending hours there!! xo

    1. It’s definitely not a place to rush through! 🙂

    I’ve just found this article after a search and we are so so happy to read all your comments…we would like to say that we in the next few weeks we are going to launch our online store, of course we can’t put all our items online but who knows maybee THANX GOD I’M A V.I.P is arriving in NYC ;-)…
    Feel free to like our page on facebook


    and subscribe to our newsletter, you’ll be warned when the online store is ready


    Cheers !!!!!


    1. Glad you finally found my article on your lovely store!! I think New York would LOVE you!!!!

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