Paris, the city of holiday lights!

Merry Christmas, Joyeux noël, happy holidays everyone!

The individuals of the city might not be decorative elves like they are in New England (where I grew up) but the city of Paris certainly makes an effort as a whole. Some streets are just draped in holiday lighting of all colors and one street even has music playing softly on speakers (bd de Reuilly). How nice!

Enjoy these shots by the talented Allison Herbert…(all rights reserved)

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  1. Joyeux Noel et Bonne Année et Merci mille fois pour ces jolies photos, Melissa! [can’t do the umlaut in Noel, Hélas, w/o my ordi crashing!] And merci for rhe introduction & link to this talented photographer! I subscribed straight away (as if I need any more to feed my addiction to the Toile)! Between the two of you, I can enjoy un peu de Noel à Paris, gratuitement, et sans souffrir les horreurs météo et aéroport là-bas! [my friend & former high school French teacher is getting that full experience, complete w/ luggage still MIA for a week!
    Meilleurs voeux.

    1. :-))) Hope the new year has stared well for you Marie!

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