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Powdered Paris

Paris is one of the loveliest cities, especially after a dusting of snow!

I remember my first year in Paris… fresh from New England, I was a veteran of snow-packed winters. So when that winter a few inches fell in the City of lights, I was not impressed. But I was terribly enchanted to see all of the Parisians running around in the streets like a lot of school children. I remember seeing two grown women shrieking in delight over their miniature snowman that they had improvised on the sidewalk of rue de Charonne. Those silly Parisians! I thought. Why are they so excited about a few inches? Little did I know that this was really the last snowfall I’d see here until the winter of 2009-2010. Last winter, there was an interesting type of snow-event in Paris. It snowed one day, just a few centimeters…and then promptly froze. So this white frozen layer of snow stuck around for a good week. This winter the snow is a bit more wet, but it seems to fall more often than usual. Much to my delight!

Even though it brings planes and trains to a standstill for lack of know-how and equipment to deal with a few centimeters of that white stuff…here’s some images and video of the recent snowfall in the city of love and magic and lights… which I find so delightful!



This makes me want to have hot chocolate and candycane-macarons….hmmmm, that’s a good idea, I think that’s what I’ll make for my next baking project!

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