The French « Thanksgiving »

The 3rd Thursday of November in France, may be around that thankful time of year, but it is not a day of baking pumpkin pies and turkey thighs…

Nope… but it IS a day of festivities! The celebration? Wine! The Beaujolais Nouveau, to be precise.

The Beaujolais wine comes from Beaujolais which is situated north of Lyon, in the Rhône-Alps and Bourgogne regions. Since 1951 this wine has been commercialized in France in the month of November. It is a wine that is sole immediately following the vinification, and there is no aging process (so don’t keep it in your cellar for years). It is not really considered a fine wine, but can be quite good just the same. But there are some places in far east Asia where you can find this stuff that sells for a small fortune. We generally spend a handful of euros on a bottle.

Every year people try to pinpoint the different hints and aromas that can be attributed to its palais, (taste in the mouth). This year I have heard commentary on a raspberry, fruity flavor (don’t they say that every year???)

Well, whatever the flavor, I like this even for it’s Autumnal festive air. They might not have Thanksgiving in France, but they will certainly enjoy a good bottle of wine!


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  1. I thought it was weird it falls right before Thanksgiving 🙂 And can’t get over that French people celebrate wine in such extremes!

  2. one can argue that it can go both ways

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