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Winter Delights at l’Estaminet


Well the holidays came and went and I didn’t write a single post about it here. If you follow my Instagram you got a whole bunch of Parisian holiday spirit though. And with winter well into the doldrums, I thought it would be nice to post about a spot to kick those cold weather blues.

We ran into it with Chéri and Bébé Chéri as we were strolling the 9th after a Saturday magic show. L’Estaminet caught my eye, and pulled me right in. Good thing too because the home made waffles and the vintage machine playing music were all I needed to feel cozy. Well that and my two guys and a rare weekend off!

Home made desserts

This Flemmish-Belgian inspired restaurant café aspires to be a place for guests to come at any hour for something delicious and homemade. It’s every bit as cozy as you would hope and you linger longer than you expected with the plethora of table games to play with. I also found the vintage tape player absolutely mesmerizing! It looked so tactile with all those buttons and knobs.

So 80’s
For some lazy afternoons

The fact that this cute café is on a street corner brings in plenty of light. And a few tables out front are waiting for the warmer days to return. All the products are carefully sourced and everything is made on site in the charming open kitchen. It’s simple. Simple is good.

The servings are generous, the prices are sweet, and the ambiance is so inviting. Stop in for an hour, you’ll probably stay for two.

Nobody eat until I get a picture!

L’Estaminet, 33 rue de Navarin 75009

Just a few of the menu options…


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