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The race that “heeled” me – Escarpin carpe diem!

Ok people!

C’est une course en escarpins, et mon équipe et moi voulons y participer!

It’s a race. And we are required to wear high heels. Of 8 centimeters in height no less! Some people would say it sounds like torture… but they are just crazy! I say it sounds like fun!

Hey, if the shoe fits….!

Well I will be fitting my shoes on and stretching my ham-strings! And you will get your fingers clicking.. pretty please!

So you will click on the following link

And you will see a page like this :

You will click on the little button that looks like this :

Then you will see a window pop up like this :

You will have to sign up to vote : click  “JE M’INSCRIS” :

A sign up sheet will appear like this :

Translation for non French speakers :

Prénom = First name

Sexe = gender

Mail = Email address

Pays = Country (just put France, they only have 2 choices)

Mot de Passe = Password

Confirmer Mos de Passe = Confirm your Password

Recopier ci-dessous les chiffres qui apparaissent à gauche = Rewrite below the umbers that appear on the left

Je veux tout savoir sur Sarenza et j’accepte de recevoir la newsletter et les bons plans chaussures = I want to know all about Sarenza and I accept to receive the newsletter and shoe deals (um you can check the box if you want!)


A small window will pop up saying (in French) that your vote has been registered!

YOU CAN VOTE AGAIN ONCE A DAY!!!!! So go back every day through November 7th and vote!

Put your email address and password into the sign up form like this :

You will be sent an email to confirm the vote with a link that you must click on that will make your vote valide, otherwize it will NOT count!!! Do this everyday, once a day until the 14th of November. The race is held on the 3rd of December.

The team with the MOST votes gets a garunteed spot. The rest are drawn out of a hat. 16 French ones and 16 English ones. We are signed up as a French team (my two co-runners are both French, and I consider myself almost Parisian…so I figure it’s passable!)

If we win a spot in the race, my team and I, will do our best not to disappoint! And you can bet your Louboutins that I will give you a full report!

To learn more about this crazy endeavor click here!

Team Prête-Moi Paris! : (me) Melissa (the blonde), Alexia (the redhead), Alexandra (the brunette).

Merci! (Thank you!)

Bisoussssssss! XOXOXOXOXO!


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