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Gerard Mulot Tea Room : Dainty Delicacies

Gerard Mulot macaronsAfter my pastry splurge at Le Meurice, I was having a bout of craving for more cream! Now that I can magically eat dairy again, I have been going slightly overboard on occasion often. My friend Holly, from the expat group I am a member of, who has been in Paris for just a short year suggested a place to me that SHE discovered and was très enthusiastic to show to me (so I could share it with all of you!). And what a find it is. If you live in the 6th arrondissement in the Luxumbourg gardens/Odéan  quarters, you surely have heard of the pastry shop Gerard Mulot. They are a family fun business, that has been helping Parisians indulge in pastries, macarons and other incredible delights for years… Since 1975to be exact.

Gerard Mulot is a dedicated and creative artisan pastry chef who excells in quality and high end flavor packed delights. In the 1980’s he added a chocolate line to his shelves, and even opened a smaller boutique in the Butte aux Cailles neighborhood. His newest endeavor is a tea room. Just steps away from the pastry shop on rue de Seine, is the Salon de thé L’Amaryllis where you can have lunch, or tea and pastries from 11am to 6:30pm. Continue reading Gerard Mulot Tea Room : Dainty Delicacies

Too Good to Eat

Post by Jenny Bailey

Too Good to Eat: The Most Stylish Desserts in Paris

Paris is heaven for those with a sweet tooth. After all, this is the city that brought us Ladurée macaroons, chocolate éclairs, opera cake and tartelette. With many of the best desserts in the world coming from France, it’s hardly surprising that even back in the 18th Century, Marie Antoinette is said to have uttered the famous words ‘let them eat cake’ when hearing that the peasants had no bread. Fast forward a few hundred centuries later and eating cake is exactly what holidaymakers,should do when they visit Paris, except that they may find that some of the desserts are simply too stylish to eat. Here are five of the most stunning desserts in the city: Continue reading Too Good to Eat

Pastel Macaron – interview with Yuka Takeda

Interview with Yuka Takeda creator of Pastel Macaron
Pastel Macaron was created by Yuka Takeda, a young Japanese designer who is currently living in the United States and gets her inspiration from French pastries!
PreteMoiParis got to interview the artist, and took the opportunity to find out more about the woman behind the frilly style and fantastic imagination.

PPM : Your clothing designs are inspired by pastries and edible things of the confectionery type. When did you get the idea for your brand, and when/where did you start it?

Photo : Robert Glatfelter

Yuka Takeda : First of all, my major course of study in college was biology; however, I found out that I like making things for my friends (especially pastries) and seeing their smiles. Then I thought about becoming pastry chef. I always like how pastries look and when I changed my major to fine arts, I always used pastry images for anything, such as drawings, collage, paintings, etc.
Continue reading Pastel Macaron – interview with Yuka Takeda

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