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For the dairy intolerant in Paris

I have found the answer to my dairy intolerance prayers! It’s called Kosher. And even if I am not all that concerned with religion and such, I am ever so glad that the jewish religion has a separation of dairy in their diet. Because it is the reason why I can eat things like this : and this : And… Read more →

When your best friend is a foodie…

You get to be an expirimental guinea pig for her delicious asian-fusion meals that she is perfecting like a Top chef participant! Even more impressive is she makes sure it is all lactose-free for me, and gluten-free for my chéri… that’s true friendship folks! The most recent meal was vegan sushi shallots and seaweed wrapped in seaweeed for starters. The… Read more →

Une balade gourmande

A couple of  Saturdays ago chéri and I took a tasty stroll through Paris as a way to relax and enjoy the city and each other’s company. Food is a pleasure, of that there is no doubt, but it is often a frustration for he and I because he is coeliac and I am horribly intolerant to milk proteins (that… Read more →

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