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It’s funny to see how many people have taken to this habit of shooting pictures of those who hang on the fringe of fashion week, or those who attend. It’s a mixing of the two demographics, and nobody seems to mind. Some are aloof and pretend to not care about or even want cameras on them, some are there to lend themselves to the game deliberately.

Bill Cunningham
Bill Cunningham

Bill Cunningham, the now famous blue clad street style photography pioneer, is always there, loyal to his lens.

Say hi to Bill! #PFW
Many of us have joined the ranks behind him, blending from “fashionista” (FYI : I hate that word), to blogger/photographer as we please.

Just a thought : Why is it we are drawn to these people, as we are to prettily wrapped packages? Perhaps because they look so nice, fun or interesting. Funny how no one cares what is on the inside. Like we do about packages.

We are a culture obsessed with image, images, pictures, moments captured, touched up, perfected, prettied, embellished… Here is what I have captured this Paris Fashion Week.
I did not touch up any of these photos!

Grace Coddington Prais Fashion Week Paris
Grace Coddington arriving at Alexander McQueen FW1314 show
Anna Del Russo with her dog
Anna Del Russo with her dog “Vaniglia” (Vanilla in Italian)
Jessica Stam, Paris Fashion week FW13/14 Valentino
Jessica Stam (center)











Kitty Zhang
Kitty Zhang, on the left.





Pace Wu


Have you noticed how popular a clutch bag is?!? See more of my FW1314 Paris Fashion Week street style shots here.

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  1. Great pictures! I think what I love about fashion week is that everyone’s personality is displayed so well in their fashion choices. Maybe some people try to display a personality that is different than their own, but even then you can sort of get a glimpse into their real personality (the “trying too hard” effect).

    It’s rare that you see so many people going to the same event but looking so incredibly different, genuinely unique.

    1. How true that is MaryBeth! Thanks for your comment, and thoughts. 🙂 PS, I loved your blog Glimpse of fashion week!!!

      1. Thanks! I just sort of stumbled upon a tiny part of it….less chaotic than most of the week, I’m certain, but still pretty fun none the less.

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