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Americana Nostalgia Diner in Paris

So, since Obama has been in the white house, Americana has gained enormous amounts of popularity over here in Paris. I can see a great difference from the days when Parisians were protesting the war in Iraq (protest which I participated in my first year here in the city of Lights and Love).

Hamburger in Paris

Americana diners are popping up all over the city and the hamburger has become a super trendy meal, with popular websites like My Little Paris writing about the « best burger in Paris » and the Ralph Lauren restaurant Ralph’s serving a whopping 27€ but apparently über delish! I don’t know if I could allow myself though to chose that menu item when I go there (as I am planning in it sooner or later) because they do serve Maine Lobster on the menu, and that for me is a vital part of my New England-raised-and-educated desires, much more so than a burger. But that will be for another post. There is also the extremely popular food truck Le Camion Qui Fume, where people stand in line for an hour for street food burger and fries. They have even published a recipe book! Burgers are back and totally popular among the trendy chic in the chicest city in the world.

I do think that I shall write a post with my review of all the different Americana burger joints in the city, but I still haven’t tasted them all! I am working on that, slowly but surely. My most recent tasting was at Chibby’s Diner. An adorable Americana Diner that brings you back to a nostalgic time in the USA, right here in the middle of Paris.

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