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Cider and Sarrasin Crêpes Satisfaction

Guillaume, we call him the crêpe guy at the Marché des Batignolles, makes the most amazing crêpes. He sources his buckwheat flour locally to be a more eco friendly commerce, as well as to support other local commerce.


True buckwheat crêpes are gluten free, so my allergic Chéri is a huge fan. But finding such crêpes as street food in Paris is not easy as most crêpe stands serve the classic wheat flour ones. So you can imagine how happy we are that Guillaume set up shop in the marché des Batignolles!

Well sourced buckwheat also has a lovely nutty flavor to it, making it superior by far to those that you can find in the supermarket. I mean, duh.

His lovely little stand has a bar and stools for those who want a quick bite “sur place” that you can wash down with some cider straight from Normandy. Or, if you want to have a stroll in the neighborhood, take them to-go stuffed with whatever makes you happy. Or you can call him up and order however many crêpes you need to bring home for a DIY crêpe fête.

Bon appetit!

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