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French Breakfast 

The best kind of breakfast out in Paris, according to me anyway, is not the overpriced, complicated, you-need-to-reserve-a-table brunch kind. Non, it’s the roll-out-of-bed and head to your favorite café kind where you can have a café crème, à fresh croissant and a “tartine” (baguette with butter and jam). Simple. Delicious. What more do you need in the morning (in Paris)?!? 

I loved breakfast at this charming trendy spot in the Batignolles quarter, Les Puces des Batignolles. A restaurant that does breakfast, lunch, apéritif and dinner. Breakfast and apéritif are my favorite meals of the day. 

Service is friendly and it’s often packed at lunch and dinner with the neighborhood locals. But we were lucky to have a calm breakfast one Sunday morning in April. The space is filled with eclectic antique objects and decorum and colorful home style dishes. The combination gives it a cheerful and vintage atmosphere which is perfectly acceptable in boboland Paris (a.k.a the Batignolles and SoPi neighborhoods). 

My café crème was as delicious as any of the flat whites I have ordered at one of the various new coffee roasters popping up all over the Ville des Lumières. And who doesn’t love biting into a fresh baguette smothered in creamy butter and Bonne Maman jam?!? And then of course a flaky croissant to top it all off. 

French breakfast isn’t overly copious or complicated, it’s just delicious!



  1. Heading back to your beautiful city this year. Can you give me names and addresses/suggestions for quick breakfast with no fuss? Thank you!

  2. Ah I love this! So true. I crave a simple piece of bread with butter on it, but not just any bread and any butter… French bread and butter!

    Love your blog.


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