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H.A.N.D.  Cafe Paris 

This past Fall, I did a fun little photo shoot with Le Bijou Parisien for my article on their trendy Parisian fashion and accessories. And while on that shoot we happened upon a darling café that I have been meaning to blog about, Hand café. H.A.N.D. stands for Have A Nice Day, which you most certainly will if you have a meal here! 

Cafe have a nice day

Mathieu and Jérôme,  the new owners of this trendy spot serve up American fare and food with a friendly flare. It’s always a delight to meet restaurant service professionals in Paris  who understand that friendly is the new black.

H.A.N.D. is also another great place to indulge in the perfect eggs Benedict with real bacon! I had  the pleasure of devouring some recently at the Grand Hotel du Palais Royal in a  decadent brunch at that five star establishment.  But if your budget is a little smaller for meals,  you can rest assured that Jérôme and Mathieu will make your mouth water with what comes out of their kitchen. My eggs benny was served with a hash brown wedge and the absolute perfect coleslaw,  just like my dad always made it,  with mayonnaise and raisins that add a hint of sweetness. I am not ashamed to say that I cleaned my plate! Or,  and did I mention that it’s all homemade! 

You can sink your teeth into a juicy burger and polish it off with a perfectly frosted cupcake, if you really want to go all-out-cliché-american. Or dig into the dripping BBQ ribs, crispy fish and chips,  or thickly stacked club sandwiches that make the entirely Anglo-American menu so satisfying. 

The restaurant has two dinning areas with enough space to host a big  dinner party in the back room,  so the next time you and 25 of your best friends want to get together,  try snagging a reservation at H.A.N.D. Because what is better than good company and great food! 

H.A.N.D 39 rue de Richelieu 75001 Paris 

Tel : 0140200420

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