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Treize Bakery Totally Awesome Cooking Class

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I LOVE Treize Bakery… It’s dangerous to have a friend with such an incredible restaurant… my hips aren’t lying!
Cooking Class @Treize Bakery, Paris

But image learning how to make all that incredible happy and home-cooked food, yourself! Eh oui!!! Laurel, the amazing magnificent Laurel, now offers cooking classes on Wednesday evenings. (Sign up in advance so you make sure you get a spot). She teaches techniques like how to make the four basic sauces and the base of all sauces (a simple combination of butter and flour but that needs to be very carefully mixed together and watched with an expert eye), or pie crust…light and flaky buttery pie crust…OH MY!!! Or how to make her famous carrot cake…Mmm hmmm… that’s what I’m talking about!
Cooking Class @Treize Bakery, Paris

I got to observe the first one that ever happened. And it was a fabulous sight to see all that hospitable energy in Laurel ooze out with glee and an incredible capacity for pedagogical instruction with so much warmth, a non stop smile, chatter and wine, of course. She serves plenty of wine… Home grown kitchen ethics and habits offered with so much sassy fun! Laurel is magnetic and so easy to be around. Everyone who crosses the threshold of her charming restaurant feels like an instant friend. And at the cooking classes you’ll feel that warm glow she seems able to spread on everybody, like creamy demi-sel butter, in small company, so you feel like one of the happy few who get some of her full-on attention.
Cooking Class @Treize Bakery, Paris
Really, go to a cooking class to learn some home-grown cuisine secrets, but also for the incredible experience of spending an evening with Laurel and all her intoxicating charm!

Cooking class : 50€ per class and that includes a meal at the end and beverages!

Treize Bakery

16, rue des Saints Pères 75005

Téléphone : 01 73 77 27 89

Cooking Class @Treize Bakery, Paris
Cooking Class @Treize Bakery, Paris

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