Halloween Costume Emergency in Paris

I know the Parisians aren’t really into Halloween,  but what if you are invited to a costume party!?! Where will you find a costume???

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I’ve got a list of solutions right here.


For those of you on the eastern half of Paris, you have the boutique Cotillon Moderne. They also sell online!

In the 17th,  metro Brochant you have an address for a real costume shop.

Smack dab in the center of Paris,  right next to the BHV,  there’s another popular costume store called À La Poupée Merveilleuse.

Au Clown has two adresses,  one for classic Halloween/party supplies,  and one for the costumed ball crowd.

For a plethora of masks and gadgets, wigs and mustaches get yourself over to Montparnasse, there’s Aux Feux de la Fête.

Boulevard Beaumarchais has an everything-you-need party and costume store. Viva Fiesta.

Or if time,  ideas and budget are lacking : put on a striped shirt,  draw on a mustache,  don a beret,  grab a baguette and stick a gauloise in your mouth and VOILÀ!  You’re a Frenchman!


Happy Halloween celebrations to all…

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