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Lazy Blogging Syndrome

My dear readers, its been at least two, maybe three years, (I can’t even remember that’s how long its been) that I have been sustaining a rhythm of publishing something for your Paris pleasure ever three days. These past several weeks I have been posting a lazy one time a week. Call it summer. Call it fatigue. Call it life. Sometimes Paris is just too delightful to remember to do one’s “homework”.

I’ve been enjoying strolling the city….

Lunching at my favorite spot…

Testing what the Belgians do best and like to show off in the city of light (“let them eat fries!” I say)…

Taking advantage of every (rare) patch of blue sky…

And loitering in cafés…

But don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll be back to my regular publishing rhythm in no time. I hope you are all enjoying as lovely a “rentrée” as I am!
*Bisous de Paris*


  1. Enjoyed your tour while ‘lazy blogging’, I first signed up for your blog as I was intending on a trip last year, but things happen, so here and there I pop in and get the views of the real Paris. I am a fledgling blogger too, and took 3 months off (I only started in Feb this year), again life got in the way. But there will always be Paris….;-)

  2. Awesome things you got here. I’m looking at traveling to Paris really soon with my partner and you got wonderful things here. I’m glad I saw it. I’m super excited. can you give me your top 3 suggestions?

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