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In Love With An Iron Lady

Grey Day Eiffel TowerI have been in Paris for over 11 years now. Wow. It seems so long to me.

And no matter how many times I go to see the Eiffel Tower, I always always take a picture of her. She is beautiful. Whether it is against a grey cloud-cast sky, or dazzling beneath a vibrant evening blue hue, she is the star of this city, and everyone who comes her heads to her feet to pay homage in the best way we modern humans know how : by taking her picture.

One day in February, as I was treating myself to a stroll around her gardens, I though how interesting it was to see the intense concentration on people’s faces as they captured her image. They were trance-like almost. And not one single one noticed the blond lady (moi) snapping pictures of them snapping pictures of her. So drawn into her imposing presence were they… So intent on finding what they felt was her best angle, her best light, or most of all, to be captured in front of her. The cherry on the cake of a trip to Paris, the crowning event : a trip to the Eiffel Tower must be documented for children and grandchildren and facebook friends to see. That lady of iron has certainly captured the gaze of so many as we attempt to capture a memory of her to keep as ours forever.























Recently I had a little fun on Twitter, asking people to tweet me their pictures of the Eiffel Tower. The response was wonderful, and people who never generally converse with me via that social media platform, sent me their best image taken from their trip to Paris. It was yet another reminder of how incredible this sculpture is, and how it represents so much for the city of Paris. Of course there are many more things to see in Paris, but what would Paris be without her Iron Lady…?


  1. I understand – we all fall under her spell. Beautiful entry – and the photos are really unique, not only in the premise but how you captured the real of the real people, being themselves. And that the photos are of so much variety of people: couples, singles, youth, middle age, gender and the cultural variety of many countries/nationalities represented. And they are all bewitched – yet It just seems so natural.

  2. Nice post…it always fascinates me to see people taking pictures with phones or looking at the screen on the back of a camera. I’ve been a photographer all my life and I can’t get used to not looking through a view finder. Just old, I guess:)

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