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Playing Princess Bride…again!

Melissa Ladd princess bride
Yes, oui, oui ouuuui… I can’t help myself, when I am asked to kindly be a bridal model for a day, how can I possibly say non?!? Spend the day at a castle, get my hair and make-up done by THE BEST beauty artist I have ever met, wear a CUSTOM MADE dress!!!!! Prance around in front of a camera, and dwell among pretty things all day, not to mention creative women?!? Who would say no to that?!?

Pas moi!

And the results of the wedding inspiration shoot for The Wedding Tea Room and Des Souffle & Des Idées (the new pro site for wedding and party planning services) have me convinced that I should still do more shoots while I still can.

So Fred, my dear friend whom I met at my first bridal inspiration shoot, and I have worked together now on a total of 4 wedding inspiration shoots! I love working with her because she has about as much creative power as Pinterest. And she’s totally adorable! One of the most generous souls I have ever met too.

Melissa Ladd princess bride model

The family owned Château Pontarmé where we did the shoot was so pretty, so charming so perfect, and the welcome was so warm and generous I wished I could have another wedding to Chéri and hold it there! Or at least I hope one of my friends gets married there in the future.


The team, was the dream team : Frédérique and Alexandra of Du Souffle et des Idées, Fred is my veritable fairy godmother, and she and Alexandra form an incredibly artistic and inventive duo; Laetitia of Platinium Pro Coiffure who also did my actual wedding as well as 3 of the inspiration shoots I have done; Laetitia (a different one) of Ceremony Day who not only custom made all the dresses for the shoot but also modeled herself in one! There was of course Rebecca, the photographer, whom I have never worked with before but she was highly professional and her photos are beautiful, crisp, elegant and artistic. Helping Fred and Alexandra of Du Souffle & Des Idées  were also  Chantal of the blog : and Sandrine, Wedding planner at

Melissa Ladd princess bride model

Their collective work and energy was AMAZING. THey started early in the morning setting up 5 different scenes, and worked well into the evening breaking it all down when it was all over.

Melissa Ladd princess bride model rebecca V photographer
Melissa Ladd  model – rebecca V photographer

5 different scenes you ask?!? Oui. There were 5 different scenes, with five different princess brides. All set around Fall or Winter themes, to show that even non June brides can have magical weddings! (In fact, they may be even more magical…).

I won’t inundate you all too much here with more wedding stuff though since I know you don’t read my blog for the wedding content. But I did want to share my fabulous, glamorous experience with you all. Read more (in French) here.

Melissa Ladd princess bride model

Other credits include :

Table settings : /

Gest favors : « Savons feuilles d’Automne » from


What would your dream French fairytale wedding look like?!? Share your Pinterest board with me in the comments.

*Bisous de Paris!*


  1. WOW! So, so, so pretty! You look just enchanting!

    It’s not everyday someone can say that they modeled in Paris! Live the dream girl, live the dream. ; )

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