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Coming back to Paris after Summer vacation, always creates a little re-acquaintance period where suddenly the city captures you again with her light and beauty… and it goes without saying, I am constantly trying to capture it all with my lens.
Falling back in love with Paris after every time you leave if for a couple weeks…is magical.

Paris in Pink
Paris in Pink – By Prete Moi Paris

Corinthian pillar
Corinthian Pillar – By Prete Moi Paris
Bonhomme Vert
Bonhomme Vert – By Prete Moi Paris
Paris in Blue and Gold
Paris in Blue and Gold – By Prete Moi Paris
Metropolitain – By Prete Moi Paris
Pouting Puppy
Pouting Puppy – By Prete Moi Paris
Iron Curves
Iron Curves – By Prete Moi Paris
Lock of Love
Lock of Love – By Prete Moi Paris
Les Amoureux
Les Amoureux – By Prete Moi Paris

Prête-Moi Paris

An American in Paris, blogging about Paris, the expat life, luxury, fashion, culture, people, places and pieces of the city of lights.

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  1. Always love your images Melissa!! Can’t wait until I get to travel to Paris! xo

    1. Thank you dear! I hope you will someday so we can meet. ♥

  2. Great photos! I just moved to Paris myself and your pictures really capture the spirit of Paris that I love.

  3. Was there a year ago now, and these photos physically hurt me. What is it about Paris that can do that to a person? I know I’m not the only one….sigh

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