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Lost in Translation

Even after 11 years here, I can still find myself lost in translation. Seriously.

Sometimes my colleagues will toss a joke or an idiom my way, and it flies waaaaay over my head. I don’t always almost never get the French punchline or the underlying meaning. But I always ask, because my fake pretend-I-get-it laugh is really really fake.

So I am rather enjoying the new campaign by iDBUS for their one year anniversary. They are also offering a competition on their facebook page. Contribute your story of how you’ve been #LostInTranslation and perhaps you’ll win a iDBUS ticket to a destinatin of your choice!

Lost in Translation by iDBUS

Lost In Translation – An infographic created by iDBUS coach travel


But their celebratory campaign is also a fun way to learn different idioms in French or English and their counterparts. It can get pretty funny when you translate literally!

"It's raining Cats and dogs" (French equivalent : Il pleut des cordes = It's raining ropes)
“It’s raining Cats and dogs” (French equivalent : Il pleut des cordes = It’s raining ropes)
"To have a bigger fish to fry" (French equivalent : avior d'autres chats à fouetter = to have other cats to whip)
“To have a bigger fish to fry” (French equivalent : avior d’autres chats à fouetter = to have other cats to whip)

And while you are at it, check out their super cheap prices for travel in Europe! When I used to work in study abroad, many of my students would use the bus systems to get around for less but it was always a hassle for them. iDBus makes it easier. I wish I had had that when I was 19…

Here’s some more idioms I’d like to see them illustrate :

“Être aux anges” (to be with the angles) = The be over the moon.

“Avoir un chat dans la gorge” (to have a cat in your throat) = To have a frog in your throat.

“Coûter la peau des fesses” (costs the skin off your ass) = To cost an arm and a leg.

“Se plier en quatre” ( to bend oneself in four) = To bend over backwards.

“Prendre son pied” (to take one’s foot) = To get your kicks.

Check back on their facebook page to see others!


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