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Brunch at La Maison du Danemark

So Summer seemed to end rather abruptly here in Paris, land of the grey skies. Buf before it did Chéri and I got in a fantastically fabulous brunch at a très chic address : 142 avenue des Champs Elysées. La Maison du Danemark, reknowned for their high quality fish and seafood serves up raw fish delicacies and lots and lots of salmon.


I thought it would be fun to sort of “bond” with my ancestral roots, and have a Danish treat (no not a fancy pastry), a real deal Dane’s dish of delicious! (Was that too much alliteration???) 😉

The Salmon

I have never had such tender salmon. Rich sauces accompany succulent fish and seafood, and shrimp…shrimp…shrimp! (I like shrimp in case you didn’t notice).

We were one of the first brunchers to arrive on a Sunday morning at the end of August. So we had our pick of the seats. We requested to be seated on the patio which is up a short flight of stairs and covered in a canopy of white canvas and tree branches. The perfect balance of serenity and elegance. And the restaurant is set far back enough from the avenue that the rush and bustle of the tourist laden sidewalks are silenced. Aaahhh…


The chef serves up a copious buffet of fresh vegetables, fish, seafood, sauces, sausages, roast lamb and a beautiful table of desserts. It was nice to stroll down from our lofty seats among the tree branches, take a plate off the stack and select a myriad of delights to fill it. While mingling around the buffet table I even bumped into my favorite French film star Valerie Lemercier. Needless to say I was a bit star-struck but did finally work of the courage to say a few words to her on my second time at the buffet table with her. She was, as expected easily approachable and generous of spirit. Thanking me several times for my awkward compliments of her work as a film actress. I did not however muster enough courage to ask for a photo… I instead focused my camera on my food! But it’s fun to say that Valerie Lemercier and I brunch at the same places… Oh my la ti da! LOL! 😛





Just a few words about the shrimp…again… it was THE BEST SHRIMP I ever had. EVER! I literally closed my eyes and savored every single bite of it. I think Chéri was getting jealous.





Where : 142 avenue des Champs Elysées 75008

How much? : ~50€ for the brunch

What’s best : mi-cuit poached salmon (it melts in your mouth like butter)

Service : Impeccable (but then other than drinks and plate clearing, you serve yourself off the brunch buffet). The chef did make the rounds to inquire on how the patrons were fairing…or was he just trying to seduce Valerie Lemercier? Apparently the chef is also a soprano vocalist, because we heard him singing “happy birthday” to someone…in falsetto. Fascinating!


What’s your favorite place to brunch in Paris?


  1. What a wonderful place for brunch. I don’t like shrimp very much, but having read your article it’s probably because I’ve never had good shrimp, so I’ll have to go and try these.

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