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Art Nouveau at the Edge of Paris

(This article has been updated since its original publication. See the new details at the bottom of the article!) I had a regular physical therapy appointment for several weeks at a doctors’ office just at the edge of the city limit in the north of the 17th, and I would make the slow stroll waddle there to get my prescribed… Read more →

My ultimate dream apartment in Paris

The last time I visited a luxury apartment with Lodgis, I told Laetitia about this apartment I had seen on their srite about 4 years ago, and how it had become the apartment to which I compared all others (luxury dream apartments). And I was sad when I saw it disappear from the site (and could no longer daydream over… Read more →

Real Estate daydreams with Lodgis

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while, may remember that I love to daydream about Parisian real-estate… well one of those places where I can do so, virtually, is on the website for real-estate agency Lodgis. They always have great images and take care to describe their products very well, so this allows for a… Read more →

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