Fatima Lopes, à fleur de peau AW1213

I love the spicey yet romantic feel to Fatime Lopes design. There’s something so feminine about what she creates, yet she retains an aura of daring and boldness to the style. I am never disappointed by her shows.


This season, she had a beating-heart-red backdrop with a cellist all dressed in red playing live music for the show mixed with an electronic creation.

Sensitivity under the skin was the theme…
Striking cuts between prints and leather as well as cinched waistlines accentuated the female curves; skin showing through the clothing for more contrast whether is was from sliced leather or sheet tissue… Fatima Lopes wants to find out what is under the skin of her design, and let the body and the garment collaborate together to make a statement, a soft yet intense statement. Movement, change, circulation, blood flow, vibrant sensitivity…
P1130162                             Make up : exaggerated doll eyes and shocking red lips, topped by yesteryear era reminiscent hats.  P1130147

Leather and lace, floral and form-fitting reoccur throughout this collection alongside the cinched waistline for a balance between femininity and force. The Amaya Arzuaga woman is as fierce as she is fragile. P1130129

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    That skirt is very fashionable. Always wanted to see leather flipped around and this is exactly what i was looking for.

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