Moon Young Hee AW1213

This coming fall Moon Young Hee has a similar cut and line as last fall, but the texture palette is a bit heavier and the colors a few shades darker.

Moon Young Hee’s collection for Fall and Winter 2012-2013 is comfy, ample, soft and comfortable with soft-to-the-touch fabrics, a somber palette almost veering towards androgynous boy-ish looks.


The défilé was set in the luxury hotel the Shangri-la for an opulent contrast to this Korean designer’s seemingly unassuming collection. But take away a few layers and you’ll find this designer can also appreciate the contours of the body while allowing it to move comfortably against fine fabrics. These are designs that are not meant to merely decorate the body, but to move with it.


Long tube dresses and tunics layered over wide organza pants, both covered by belted woolen coats or silk dressing-gown style pieces. The models were coiffed with garçon type hats and windswept hair as if they were pushed onto the catwalk by a giant gust of wind.

Layers and length and draping dominate and superpositioning of different materials and movement drive this collection.

P1130210 P1130201

A few pieces showed an attention what’s ‘in’ with fashion by the accentuated or stylized shoulders that are everywhere on the runways, magazines and stores.



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  1. Interesting!
    And I wonder how the Parisian would react with that boob out!! « Scandale au bureau » for sure!…
    Thank you for sharing, it’s always refreshing to get to see new fashion styles.

    1. Oh I’m not so sure that is considered scandalous in Paris…in the USA it certainly could be!

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