24 rue de l'ile saint Louis, 75004 #Paris

Chéri and I stumbled upon this little tea room one evening as we wandered around the Île Saint Louis. It drew us in with its warm colors and promises of chocolat chaud à l’ancienne (old fashioned hot chocolate), and the neatly arranged cakes and cookies on the counter top.

Charlotte de l'isle

This place is everything a hot chocolate and cake shop should be, warm and friendly! There is a piano on one side of the room and two other little cubby spaces where tables are set, which allow customers a little more of a « homey » space.

I also enjoyed how the kitchen was visible at the back of the boutique and was the perfect place to make an old fashioned hot chocolate, with tiling on the walls and a window that opens out on to a lovely little courtyard, and a smiling lady busy over the stove. Kinda makes you want to move right in!

And as I discovered on our way out, they have storybook reading events for kids on Wednesdays! From 5 years old and up. Wednesday November 23rd, is Pierre et le Loup, one of my all time favorite childrens’ stories. And in December there will be Christmas tales… I wish I had a kid to bring!

This place should be a great little stop for warmth and cheer all winter long!

La Charlotte de l’Îsle

24 rue Saint Louis en îsle, 75004 Paris

Charlotte de l'isle

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  1. YES! This place is on my list for my trip next week, thank you!!

  2. What a perfect place to be on a chilly day in November. I just love the Islands and I’ll make a point to stop by Charlotte’s tea shop next time I’m in Paris. Thanks for posting

  3. The previous owners actually left Paris last year. This is what the place used to look like (the post is in French), quite a unique decor : http://blissinthecity.fr/un-gouter-a-la-charlotte-de-lisle/ . The hot chocolate used to be delicious so it’s good to see that the new place still meets the standards 😉

    1. Lelaina, I see you read Bliss in the City blog! I follow her on twitter. 🙂 I had not seen her post about the Charlotte de l’Isle before it changed. I actually find it a bit too cluttered in the photos from the link you posted. I much prefer what the new owners have done to it. Simplicity often makes for a more relaxing space.

  4. I love the old Charlotte de l’Isle! It was quirky and charming and I’m sad that it’s gone.

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