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Paris Wedding Wednesday : Cakewalk Cape Cod

Strawberry shortcake
Today I am mentally skipping over the Atlantic back to my home…Cape Cod. And I am dedicating this post to my best friend, other half, the most wonderful woman in the world, my twin sister. She is a pastry chef and cake designer that I like to call a “Mad pastry Scientist”! I also like to refer to her as the one Cape Cod Foodie, since I am not sure if the “foodie” movement has gotten over the Sagamore bridge yet. And as for the mad scientist bit…she really does look like she’s in a slightly off-kilter bliss when she’s whipping up some new concoction in her kitchen or at the restaurant where she works on Cape Cod. It’s like she puts her whole heart and soul into whatever she is creating. And I can testify that when you eat something she has made, you are happy and satisfied!


What’s even more amazing is that she teaches herself everything she does. And she has an incredible capacity for marrying different flavors together. Gifted in such a way that complimenting flavors come to her like inspiration for a painter, she always tries to create more complex palettes  while retaining a harmony. She plays with textures and colors as well. She is in fact an artist, and has just translated those talents into the medium of food.I am always amazed by what she can do.


Her business on Cape Cod, MA, USA specializes in cake and cookie orders.  She makes wedding cakes, birthday cakes, any occasion cakes, cookies, pastries…all created with love an a little madness!
Her blog : …disclaimer: she doesn’t update as often as I would hope because her hands are usually sticky with flour and butter, and it’s very hard to type on a computer like that! 😉

Her Flickr gallery :

Cake made and delivered during hurricane Irene!

25th Birthday cake


  1. Yes, the term Foodie crosses the Sagamore Bridge! Cape Cod has taken to the foodie craze and has some truly sophisticated catering and restaurants.
    Our family used to drive from the south shore of Boston to Harwichport to see our cousins and whomever saw the top of the bridge first used to yell, “Peanutbutter!” I have no idea why, but that’s what we did.
    I’m sad you skipped it this trip because it’s been a fantastic summer in New England – well until Irene reared her ugly head. 😉

  2. Thank you my beautiful twin for the lovely write up. I don’t deliver to Paris but I could certainly come and make what ever your heart desires there . It’s been a crazy summer in the kitchen and now it’s time for wedding season and fun with sugar flowers.

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