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Paris Wedding Wednesday : The Photographer

So I wanted to share with all of you, my fabulous “find” if I can call her that : Elisabeth Perotin.

She has been a photographer for five years, ans started doing wedding photography two years ago. It was when looking for someone to capture her own wedding that she fell under the charm of the American type of wedding photography such as Simply Bloom Photography, or Melissa Johnston and Elisabeth decided to focus on this photography path. Those photographers that inspire her  with a “lifestyle” type of artistry seem to have a much more natural and artistic vision that Elisabeth is drawn to. Another of her great inspirations is the cinematic works of Sophia Coppola, who before becoming a cinematographer, was herself a photographer and this still comes through in her films by the way she frames and uses light. The Virgin Suicides is one of Elisabeth’s most important inspirations from Coppola, with it’s soft powdered colors and retro ambiance.

Copyright : Elisabeth Perotin

I found Elisabeth one day a couple months ago when I was browsing the wedding blogs, and looking for inspiration for my dress. I saw an ad on someone’s page, I don’t remember who’s, and I clicked on it. Not being someone who feels the need to have the official family album style wedding pictures, but rather something that’s more tailored to who Chéri and I are as people, I was immediately drawn into her pictures and browsed every single one that she has posted on her site. Those photos seem to communicate so much joy and happiness, so much love, that I knew I had found THE person to capture our wedding. She has a way of bringing out out the personalities through her work coupled with a soft romanticism that I found entirely delightful.

Copyright : Elisabeth Perotin

She’s from Reims, France, but let me know when she would be in Paris, and we met with Chéri at my favorite cake shop : Sugarplum Cake Shop of course, and Elisabeth knew about it. It was her suggestion. I liked her even more after hearing that! We spend aver an hour and a half looking at examples of her work, eating cake and chatting about weddings. And Chéri LOVED her work! Win! She has a natural ease about her, that makes you feel like you are meeting with a friend, in whom you can confide and truts with the special task that she so gently takes on. A very talented and down to earth woman, I am happy to say she will be immortalizing our wedding!

Copyright : Elisabeth Perotin

Elisabeth told me that she would love to have a wedding to shoot in the USA, a place that she has been to on several occasions and has a not-so-secret passion for, but has yet to shoot a wedding there. I am sure her imagination would be able to capture romantic moments from the lighthouse beaches of Cape Cod to green grass back yards of Georgia to the great landscapes of Montana… anywhere. She has an eye for the details, the ones that matter, the ones that together, build a life.

Copyright : Elisabeth Perotin

“I am really happy capturing through my lens the joy and emotions of all the wonderful couples that I meet.”

Copyright : Elisabeth Perotin


  1. Thank you so much Melissa for the lovely words about my work, I’m really flattered and honoured to be your photographer for your beautiful day !!!! Merci, Merci, Merciiiii !!!!!

  2. These photographs are among the best examples of contemporary wedding photography that I have seen. Keep up the great work and I look forward to following you. I will try and get you a wedding here in New York! It would be fun to work with you.

    1. Andy! I am sure Elisabeth will be thrilled to read your comment. I agree, she is able to capture a wedding with such intimacy and romance. You can see why I chose her for my wedding!

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