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Miam Miam

“Miam” means ‘yum’ in French. The Koean team at the restaurant Miam Miam on rue Thouin in the 5th, have been able to translate that into something tangible. Honestly, I thought maybe they put happy powder or something in their food, because I was elated after eating there!

2011-03-16 21.43.39

Perhaps it the cheery green and orange décor, or the brisk movements and quick-to-smile faces that serve you, or those funny retractable ventilation hoods that are above each table… or maybe it’s the delicious goodness of freshly made food infused with so much flavor…

2011-03-16 21.44.17

I have been wanting to try this place for a while, and finally got around to it (it just around the corner from my favorite salon de thé : the Sugarplum Cake Shop)… and now I want to eat there ALL the time.

For starters, a fresh green salad and a Korean beer Hite.

2011-03-16 21.44.06

2011-03-16 21.43.51

Then one of my favorites : Gyoza. Mmmm! Just a hint of crisp on the outside and soft and meaty on the inside. Not too much of the ravioli dough. Perfection.
2011-03-16 21.48.19

It came served with this placeof 3 items : marinated lotus root, green beans, and sprouts.
2011-03-16 22.04.52

I accompanied my meal with a tisane du sceau du Salomon : it has a comforting nutty flavor, and is great for digestion, for your skin, and it contains calcium among other things.
2011-03-16 22.08.46

Our main course was a plate for two…sort of like a phô Korean style with thinly sliced beef cooked with a myriad of vegetables in a broth, right at the table, and served with a bowl of rice and more veggies that you were to mix with the “soup” once it was cooked :
2011-03-16 22.07.26

2011-03-16 22.07.34

I didn’t get a picture of the dessert sadly, because it disappeared so fast. It was a rice pancake with a cinnamon and nut filling on the inside served with green tea ice cream on top (I avoided the ice cream), but the rice pancake was divine!

A place to discover Korean food (geared a bit towards Europeans) and a place to return to! Yum Yum!

Miam Miam

6 rue thouin 75005 Paris

2011-03-16 23.00.23

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