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Joyeux anniversaire à moi! – Happy birthday to me!

Prête-Moi Paris is one year old today!

Oh calou callay, oh fraptious day!

I am so excited that I am celebrating by, by, byyyy going to work…. and uuuuuuh, having pasta with tomato sauce for lunch, aaaaaaand visiting someone in the hospital this evening.


Well, I can’t drink bubbly, prance around Paris and eat macarons EVERY day now can I!?!

Maybe I will try to celebrate somehow this weekend… but I don’t want to do something boring and traditional. I need some suggestions from my readers on how THEY would celebrate! Comment pleeeeaze!

Bises à tous!

<Blows kisses>

<smiles and waves>

<Exits to music>

<La Marseillaise>



  1. Happy Birthday to your site! Being in Paris, I imagine you would have a number of venues to celebrate. Perhaps eat enough chocolate for you and your blog?

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