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New Year’s Style & Shine Look

Some fun ideas for a super chic and shiny New Year’s Eve party style, if I had oodles of cash to spend on a swanky outfit! I did toss in one of my favorite cosmetic/perfume artists : Serge Lutens. The « à la nuit » eau de parfum hinting to the incredible Moon Drop pearl and diamond earrings by Renee Lewis. And… Read more →

Vintage Nostalgia fashion ensemble

This look was designed after the walpaper design that is shown on the upper left hand corner of the ensemble image. A little paisley vintage pattern that put me in the mood for some fashion! Dress (super afforable!) from Dorothy Perkins Boots from Givenchy The Embrase is for a curtain, but perhaps could be used as a hair accessory Crossbody… Read more →

Winter Cocktail Ensemble

I am sure many of you fashion fans that read my blog, know about the site ShopStyle. When I have time to kill (not very often) or when I need to let my brain take a break (meaning I need time to kill but don’t have any), I sometimes go to websites and browse fabulous real-estate, or I go to… Read more →

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