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Prête-Moi Paris Winter Wants


Escaping the grey…

Lazy Sundays spent browsing the web can sometimes bring about a wishlist or two for something fun, trendy and full of distraction from dull winter weather. Here is what I’ve picked out to brush aside the rainy day blues.

Pink 10Feet KASE slims, for a little youthful dreaming, remembering when I was 9 years old and wearing something of the sort, skipping around my grand parents giant California back yard on a warm summer evening… ~80€

A silky Emporio Armani vest in pearl pink, because well the days of carefree Summers in Cali are long gone, but there are many Parisian springs to look forward to where being chic is the new carefree… I bet my nine year old self never saw that coming! ~250€

This fantastic 18k gold and black diamond Lightning Bolt ring by Diane Kordas, because a lightning storm us way more fun than drab and boring drizzle! ~615€

An Acapulco leather folded clutch by Sous Les Pavés, with a little rock n’ roll attitude…always a fantastic way to shake off the winter dull-drums. Hitting play on Gn’R Appetite for Destruction….now! ~130€

A beautiful box of four shades of vibrant reds, by Serge Lutens to liven up the gray days with a dramatic burst of lip color. Just try to be down in the dumps when you have killer red pouty lips! ~€

And don’t forget the best activity for a lazy Sunday : breakfast in bed. Complete with Red Mill gluten free oats. I wish they sold these in Paris. ~€


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