Étiquette : Edith Piaf

Caroline Nin Gives Us Edith Piaf Back

Caroline Nin, « French chanteuse » as she is self described, is a jazz singer and has been practicing her art since she was a wide-eyed youth, off to concquor London. She traveled the world for 20 years singing in concert halls from Australia to America, and has now returned to her home town of Paris where she now shares her show… Read more →

Père Lachaise : lingering in the past

Many visitors to Paris, hold a special place in their heart for those artists that helped make Paris the epicenter of culture that it is today. The writers musicians, dancers and thespians, even politicians have all contributed to the concept that many visitors are now nostalgic for. Those visitors often find themselves meandering the pathways of the Père lachaise cemetaryto… Read more →

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