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Jardin de Luxembourg : Kids Paradise!

We brought Bébé Chéri recently to the Luxembourg Garden for a day of kids fun and frolicking that was absolutely fantastic!

For 4€ we had 30 minutes of stick weilding fun as our three-year-old brandished his boat stick with excitement and we raced after him trying to keep other garden-goers from losing an eye. Great fun indeed! Les Voiliers du Luxembourg.

After that we headed to the vintage carrousel of course! This carousel has an operator who gives little stocked to all the kids sitting on steeds on the outer edge, so they can try to snag rings as they ride by.

The carousel was such a success with Bébé Chéri that it was hard to convince him to leave.

We had lunch at the darling café next to the carousel which has a take-out sandwich window as well as a sit-down service café. We had sandwiches and were allowed to sit at the outdoor patio seeing as there was no one else sitting there.

After lunch we went to the playground, it cost just under 5€ for us three to gain access to all the playground equipment a kid could dream of and play on for as long as you like!

In addition to all these amazing activities there are also pony rides weather-permitting and a puppet theater. Basically paradise for Parisian kids. It’s possible to spend your whole day here! If you are in Paris with kids on vacation, don’t hesitate to make a day of it when the weather is good.

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