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Breakfast at Le Grand Hotel du Palais Royal

I do love enjoying a moment of luxury from time to time. It gives life that little spark you need to empty the clouds from your mind and boosts your mood. One of the places I love doing that is Le Grand Hotel du Palais Royal. And even better, I began my day with a little escape into a plush experience for breakfast with my pal Cédric Damour.

pretty girl eating bacon
photo by Cedric Damour

And what does one do with a little luxury morning escapade??? We indulge! How could I resist the enticing description of eggs benedict with REAL American style bacon!?! It’s not possible my friends. You do not say “non” to real bacon in France…it’s so rare to find it. 

grand hotel du palais royal restaurant le lulli
Photo Credit : Le Grand Hotel du Palais Royal

The dish came piping hot and served with elegance, and the bacon was everything I hoped for. Crispy, crunchy, salty and amazing! The eggs oozed from perfect poaching and the hollandaise sauce was creamy and tangy like it is supposed to be. Every mouthful was delicious!

eggs benedict grand hotel du palais royal

The Grand Hotel du Palais Royal breakfast buffet also offered me other healthier options as well as pastries sausages and more eggs. I tried to be good and take only fruits and whole grained breads so I could enjoy guilt-free my extravagant order from the menu.

Breakfast Buffet grand hotel du palais royal
Photo credit : Le Grand Hotel du Palais Royal

Chef Clément Le Norcy “works with seasonal, regional and organic products to offer you charming dishes.” And charming it was my indulgent breakfast. I was every much as charmed as I was when I ate the lemon pie off their tea menu. (In case you need reminding, it is the prettiest and the BEST lemon pie in Paris that I have ever had!)

outfit of the day Hermes
OOTD : Hermès – photo by Cedric Damour

How would you start your day if you could have a little luxury moment??? Answer below in the comments. I love hearing from you all!

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