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Holiday Hues with Serge Lutens Maquillage

Melissa Ladd | Photo : Vincent Gigot

Article by Melissa Ladd

I was invited to a makeup presentation one recent evening at the stunning Serge Lutens boutique at Palais Royal, Paris to test the newly added items to the maquillage (makeup) collection : “Le Necessaire de beauté“. It’s always such a pleasure to skip over to this jewelbox of a boutique at the end of the day for a little indulgence in beauty. Serge Lutens has a way of creating a story and an aura around each one of his products that I find entirely enticing.

serge lutens boutique paris

One of this things I love about his makeup is the dramatic effect it can have, another is how well thought out the products are. Serge Lutens leaves nothing to chance and considers every single aspect of his products from the coverage of the makeup to the durability of the pigments to the gesture one would make when using them and even the sound a lipstick tube makes when it is closed. It’s all about aesthetic.
Serge Lutens maquillage, nouveautés 2015The new items are two new lip colors, “La Ceinture du Cardinal” and “Hypocrite”, such evocative, almost provocative names. The first one a bright sultry red with a slight hint of violet, and “Hypocrite” is a very interesting moody nude. Serge Lutens maquillage, nouveautés 2015

The eyeshadow palette has deep pigments and a fine dusting of sparkle, perfect for those holiday parties. I love the three shades of gold that allow you do create a real ombre effect that plays with the light as well. The velvety black compliments so richly those golden highlights.

For the holidays, the scarlet hue of La Ceinture du Cardinal goes well with the shiny golden color of the eyeshadow palette and creates a festive look. All you have left to do is find the dress to go with your makeup!
Serge Lutens maquillage, nouveautés 2015

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