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Superflu is Super fun! : A Batignolles Boutique

Superflu, meaning : extra, not necessary, a splurge… Superflu in the Batignolles, emulates that little urge to splurge with a giant “S”. But when you take the time to really look around, everything seems so absolutely necessary! It is a boutique literally for the WHOLE family. Your chéri will not be bored while you browse jewelry, cute sneakers, home decor and fun nick-nacks because he will have his own nick-nacks and more to browse. And be warned if you have kids, you WILL end up having to purchase something to appease them. Everything is almost irresistible! The best gift shopping selection, and fun souvenirs you can find in this quarter of Paris is definitely at Supeflu.

Superflu, boutique # Batignolles ParisWhen you browse around this shop, you (in which I mean “I”) find yourself (myself) exclaiming “Oh!” at every new display that cacthes your (my) eye. I need, like seriously need this polka-dot teapot. Neeeeeed.

Superflu, boutique # Batignolles Paris

And… these heart shaped ice cream scoops. Oh… I KNOW my life would be enhanced so much more if I had heart shape scoped ice cream!!! Superflu has those little things you didn’t think of, but when you see them, you know how much more fun life would be if you had them, or offered them to someone, in order to share the fun & love! Superflu, boutique # Batignolles Paris You can bet your boots I’ll be looking for Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers here, but there is also fun details to snag for birthday celebrations, or blog parties
Superflu, boutique # Batignolles ParisCaro’ & Léa, the dazzling duo who started this stellar store have a list of little brands and products that are out of the ordinary, most are French brands, others from places like the Netherlands. All are ultra cool. These thirty-something ladies chose all the brands and products themselves, leaning towards those that they just fall in love with. A ‘coup de coeur’ as we say in French. Go in and find something that strikes your heart on any day of the week except Sunday and Monday. And have fun, not that you’ll be able to help it! 77 rue Legendre 75017 Paris. Instagram : superflustore.  

Superflu Batignolles shop

Superflu, boutique # Batignolles ParisSuperflu, boutique # Batignolles Paris
Superflu, boutique # Batignolles ParisSuperflu, boutique # Batignolles Paris
Superflu, boutique # Batignolles ParisSuperflu, boutique # Batignolles Paris

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