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My readers know I love anything and everything « Made in France », but you should know that it is an unofficial movement of sorts that is happening in this country, not just for luxury handbags and fashion, but for small things like perfumes, souvenirs, gifts, soda pop! and more.

Fonbelle is the French brand behind much of this movement. They have a partnership with the Eiffel tower and are adament about selling French made trinkets, souvenirs and gourmandises to the tourists. The worst thing ever is a souvenir from France but that is made in China. It just defeats the whole purpose of buying a souvenir from France!
Passion France Fonbelle boutique Passion France Fonbelle Paris Cola

Fonbelle has got you covered. They even have an online boutique! (Check for shipping restrictions). But I especially like their little boutique on the corner of avenue de l’Opéra, right in the center of Paris, in between the Louvre, Palais Ryal and Opera quarters where you see dozens of tourist cars in the high season months all milling around. The Tourism Office is not far away either. Perfect location.
Passion France FonbelleSo please make sure you stop in Passion France, or one of the other Made in France boutiques I have blogged about on this site when your visit our beautiful city of lights! Your friends and family will be thrilled to receive gifts and souvenirs from France that are ACTUALLY from France! 

pink purple Paris snow globes


Passion France Fonbelle
Passion France Fonbelle onsiePassion France Fonbelle perfume

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  1. Love the umbrellas! Darling shop.

    1. I know!!! I want all those cute umbrellas! It makes the rain much more fun. 🙂

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