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VIP Event @ Caroline de Marchi

I was happy to be invited to a small VIP blogger press event at the Caroline de Marchi showroom on rue Saint Honoré (very chic). An French bag designer, Caroline de Marchi has existed for five years.

I saw Kasia Dietz there, enjoyed some Italian inspired hors d’oeuvres with champagne, and was put in a drawing to win a handbag at the end of the evening! Although I didn’t win, I was still inspired to write about the event and the designer.

VIP soirée at Caroline de Marchi

Caroline is a very down-to-earth woman, but with that je ne sais quoi chicness that so many French women mysteriously posses. She spent the evening chatting with each of the guests, and graciously animated the evening along with her very friendly and knowledgeable PR crew.

The event was held in her showroom which is tucked back in a gorgeous little courtyard at a rue Saint Honoré address. The showroom-boutique is a jewel box of pretty handbags with a slight industrial-1930’s flair. It appealed to me on every level. Of course, it was designed by Mme de Marchi herself.

Her bag designs are so very Italian, in-so-much-as they are as beautiful as they are practical, which could make them a frivolous necessity if you are in need of justifying your next handbag purchase!

Or you can say, that if it’s good enough for Dita Von Tease, it’s good enough for moi! (Cause she’s got one).

Caroline de Marchi

217 Rue Saint Honoré, 75001 Paris


VIP soirée at Caroline de Marchi






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