Top 10 Beautiful French Women

Some say that French women are more beautiful. I don’t know if that is true. Perhaps the myth comes from a certain poise (also known as discretion), a savoir-faire when it comes to wardrobe, and a light hand when it comes to fixing the ravages of time (also known as plastic surgery). Whatever it is, all ten of these women represent that je-ne-sais-quoi in French elegance and beauty, that women worldwide try to imitate. And these ladies seem to do so effortlessly. These are my top ten most beautiful French women today.

Isabelle Adjani

N° 1. Isabelle Adjani. -Ever since I saw the movie La Reine Margot, I was immediately captivated by this woman’s striking beauty. And her seemingly independent and fiery yet graceful nature only add to her enigma. Born in 1955 she began acting at age 14, in theaters. Actress, model, mother and with a bi-cultural background (her father was Kabylie-Algerian ~they are known for their striking blue or green eyes~ and her mother was Bavarian-German). Isabelle was born in Paris. She’s known for her intense self-implication into the roles she plays.  she has not only has talent and beauty, she has charisma. If you have never seen La Reine Margot or Camille Claudel, you’ll understand!

Arielle Dombasle by Nathatlie Demontes
Arielle Dombasle : Photo Nathalie Demontes (source :

N° 2. Arielle Dombasle. -A French-American, born in the 1950’s in Connecticut this woman is my ideal. When Chéri and I first met, he mentioned that this French beauty was his youthful celebrity “crush”. So of course, I went to find out who she is, and I found the image of a woman that I would love to imitate, a long lithe body of a ballet dancer, a sultry singing voice that sounds like honey (I bought her CD La Liberta), a penchant for burlesque (she’s performed at The Crazy Horse and is on stage often in all sorts if fun feathery or corseted costumes), and a face that in spite of her plastic surgery upkeep, retains an incredible beauty. A discreet woman in her personal life, she allows herself to dazzle on stage.

Eva Green

N°3. Eva Green. With her piercing icy blue eyes, and her sultry voice, this woman exudes seduction, dangerous seduction. So femme-fatale, right? She has a non identical twin (like me) with whom she was born in Paris in 1980. Her mother was actress Marlène Jobert, and Eva seemed determined from a young age to follow in her mother’s footsteps. She began training early on as an actress and left school at age 16 to devote herself to her craft. It must be nice to know what you are good at, at such a youthful age. Eva Green is a multi-faceted actress and has a wonderful ability to incarnate such diverse roles as Penny Dreadful, Innocents : The Dreamers, White Bird, James Bond : Casino Royal, Sin City…etc. She has talent, striking beauty and a body to die for.

Latitia Casta : left 1997 right 2009
Latitia Casta : left 1997 right 2009

N° 4. –Laetitia Casta. Top Model and actress, I have seen this woman in person, sans make-up! She’s probably prettier without make-up than with. And her photos don’t need any photo-shopping, I swear. She’s tiny, as in petite, in body and height. Lucky her, she can wear vertiginous high heels if she wants to. But I don’t think she does. To boot, she’s one of the most polite models I have ever crossed paths with and from her discreet manner of dressing, she retains a natural image that only allows her beauty to be revealed even more. But beyond her beauty, she’s a decorated woman with the French medal Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres. And I love her very parisienne publicity campaign with Jean Paul Goude for the Galaries Lafayette. It’s spunky and fun! I am sure she is a dream to work with. And even after having three kids, she still has a body to die for. Oh le rêve….

Melanie Laurent : Photo : REUTERS/Charles Platiau

N° 5. – Melanie Laurent, actress, film director and singer…multi talented and beautiful. Delicate features, and perfectly shaped eyes, she reminds me of a blond version of what I call the classic French beauty (which will be illustrated in the next example). She has this lovely little chin that has a slightly dimpled form, and cheekbones that are accentuated with her often closed-lip smile. Born in 1983, she comes from a family anchored in the thespian world, with grandparents who were editors of theater posters, her mothers was a dance professor and her father  a voice-over actor, she was bound for something in that line of work! She began in cinema in 1998, but the role that really launched her to French stardom was Lili in “Je Vais Bien, Ne T’en Fais Pas” that came out in 2006. I actually have not seen that one yet, but I absolutely adored her performance in Le Concert (2009).

Marion Cotillard

N° 6. –Marion Cotillard, what I consider that inimitable classic French beauty, with that perfect mouth, deep almond eyes, a charming nose and faint dimples; she has won over the USA ever since her massive role in La Môme, where she played Edith Piaf to perfection. She is now a highly sought after actress in Hollywood, with roles in major films like Inception. Have you seen her in The Immigrant? Gorgeous performance. But, back in 2003, one of the first films I saw with her in it, was Jeux d’Enfants, and it marked me as I was more or less a newbie in France, and hadn’t seen much French cinema yet. The ending is so unexpected… Born in 1975, she was destined for Oscar status being surrounded by a family a artists and people of the stage (her father was a mime and burlesque specialist!). Apparently she was somewhat solitary as a child in spite of the very open and vibrant world her family allowed her to experience, and she used theater as a way to express herself.

Rama Yade

N° 7. –Rama Yade, a French politician born in Senegal, has those gorgeous Senegalese features, mixed with that French poise and savoir-être, that makes her one elegant lady in politics. It’s nice to see women in politics, and beautiful ones at that…it’s also rare. Born in 1976 to parents who were both professors and close to Senegalese politics, her family moved to France when she was 11. She has climbed the political ladder since 2002, and held several important positions in the government since. But she incarnates that chic Parisian style (she’s almost always dressed in black) but retains a warmth and happy charm that comes from her African background. I love this juxtaposition within her and feel it only augments her beauty.

Inès de la Fressange

N° 8. –Inès de la Fressange. A reference in French style and beauty. She’s natural, and doesn’t ever look over-dressed or over-made-up. She is the epitome of French beauty and elegance. Born in 1957 of a father from French nobility, and an Argentinian mother, she has had an amazing career in fashion, and remains the icon for so many French women. She began as a model at age 17 and now has her own brand and collaborates with so many names in fashion as well as having published her own book La Parisienne in 2010, offering her secret style and beauty tips that the rest of the female world is dying to know. I have run into randomly her at Paris fashion events, and she is always smiling, warm and polite and takes a picture with everyone who asks. I am always too timid in front of this icon…

N° 9. –Florence Foresti. Comedian. Florence is pretty, although she may not have a striking face like Isabelle Adjani, she also has something different than these other ladies, wild and witty humor. This woman has been make the French laugh for decades now. Born in 1973, she began her career as a humorist in 1998, and she has also been awarded the medal Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres. Her sketches on pregnancy and motherhood are absolutely hilarious. Humor is beautiful, and a woman who can make you laugh until your sides hurt is a gem.

Marianne James

N° 10. Marianne James, born in 1962 is a musician, singer, guitarist and actress, and what I find to be her most beautiful trait is her ample form that she doesn’t try to dissimulate or change. Not only thin women are beautiful! She’s an award winning singer, and has an immense stage presence. Her career goes from stage, to television and back again. What we can take from this beauty, is that confidence is the best trait you can have!

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  1. I love how the French appreciate beauty. It’s not about perfection. It’s about celebrating the imperfections that human elements that make us more beautiful and interesting.

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