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Le Fantome – Cocktails, Tacos and Video Games

Le Fantome - bar à cocktails Paris In the trendy Tenth arrondissement, there is a great place for a whole variety of Parisians or visitors to enjoy from 11am to 2 in the morning : those of us over the age of 30 who remember what the original Pacman was like, the kids of those same thirty-somethings who will be fascinated by all there is to distract them with (there is even a coffee table with a video game integrated in it, just the perfect high to initiate toddlers), and even the new trendy youth in search of something retro and cool, as well as the hipster foodies who need a chic way to indulge but with not-so-sophisticated fare.  With its 200 square meters and mélange of styles, Le Fantôme can accommodate.

Le Fantome bar with bike

From the same crew who created the exclusive and popular Le Baron, Le Fontôme is a not so bling-bling place to cross paths with the boho-chic crowd of Paris. In the 200 square meters, an impressive space for Paris, you can chill with cocktails and friends at the bar, eat at one of the retro tables, play video games with your buddies or your kids, or you can dance in the discotheque downstairs.
Le Fantome Bar Paris ambiance

Tacos and hot dogs are among the fun foods on the menu, and the cocktails are absolutely fabulous. I would have drank several if it wouldn’t have had a consequence on my state of mind or wallet. I stuck to two. And a couple plates of American food tapas.
Le Fantome Bar Paris cherry on top
Le Fantome Bar Paris tacos
Le Fantome Bar Paris hot dogs

The kitchen is open so you can see them working, and the bar is large and looks like something from 1950’s America. This style is one of the current trends these days in France, perhaps Europe and the rest of the world too. I don’t mind it though, even being an American Expat in Paris. I arrived here in 2002, smack dab in the era of Iraq war protests, when I was not advertising my nationality to anyone. So it is pretty delightful to see what a decade does. Ever since Obama really, it has been trendy to do things “Ricain style”!

Retro and vintage video games and Americana have become rather trendy in Paris. I have already written about a store in the 11th that sells or rents these machines, and there is also the Vintage Gallery in the 17th that sells and rents machines as well as décor.

Paris can’t get enough of Americana!


36 rue de Paradis

Site :

Go there for the cocktails, stay for the games and return back for the discotheque.

Le Fantome Bar Paris game over

Le Fantome Bar Paris menu


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