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Style Star : Cara Delevingne

This little lady is taking the glossy pages, the runways and social media by storm, and is well on her way to becoming the next Kate Moss.

She has the ability to incarnate any different type of woman for the fashion brands. Whether it’s rock n’ roll, sweet and sexy or classic chic Cara has a chameleon-like way of changing her aura to fit the role she’s in. She owns the look, regardless if its a red carpet event, a lingerie ad campaign or her own life.


A fresh 22 years old, (although her intense brow does help to give her a more mature regard), she was born in 1992 and even though her name sounds quite frenchy, she’s a true Brit, with the pedigree to prove it. But what I like best about her is her easy, breezy, care-free, almost insolent attitude off the runways and photo shoot sets, her Instagram and her Twitter. She just doesn’t take herself too seriously, (like this) a vital attribute in the business she’s in.

This girl is literally EVERYWHERE at the moment. I was browsing my March issue of Vogue Paris, and it seemed every 10 pages there was another ad campaign with Cara. She is THE it girl this year. She has Yves Saint Laurent, Mulberry, Burberry, DKNY just to name some of her current work. She also starred in the Chanel haute couture Spring 2014 show.

I hope she can keep her grasp on the success she has found and hold onto it for years and years to come. The world of fashion needs icons to mark the different époques that pass us by all while recycling the styles and trends. It is the faces that mark the pages and pictures and bring to life the creations of the fashion designers, that makes them memorable.

Burberry Spring 2014 : Image from Modelina

So to celebrate this fantastic sassy young lady, I have put together a little style inspiration, to get her easy-breezy-care-free look; a perfect outfit for March and April.

Love Cara's style


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