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Fatima Lopez AW2014 – Ad Naturam

Post By Charles Gillman.


It was a Wednesday afternoon under yet an additional grey Paris day. There I was on the Faubourg Saint Honoré collecting my ticket from Melissa for the Fatima Lopez show, I was also in the middle of having a casual nervous breakdown with regards to what to wear, Spanish designer, on the Champs Elysées… At the Lido! “JUST wear something sexy, her styles are always very WOW and sexy!” Melissa said interrupting my anxiety attack that I was oh so enjoying. ‘Sexy… Me? Are you joking?’ I thought to myself. It seemed as if the enormous glasses and the scarf that concealed Charlie’s chicken neck would have to stay home in the thirteenth district for the morning.


After spending a whole week thinking about it, I figured a number that would turn my pencil figure into something shapelier would be the only thing for it… Yes, it was time to turn to the yellow flares… Accompanied with a high collared shirt and a waistcoat that constrained any breathing activity (not recommended). My friend, who works in PR reassured my grand scheme the night before, so I was self-confident that I wasn’t going to be carrying out tomfoolery at the Lido.


Tuesday morning, after ignoring my alarm approximately seven times and drinking my coffee in the shower in a unhurried manner (I do this often) I all of a sudden realised I had about fifteen minutes to get ready, so I threw on the flares (sounds sexy, doesn’t it?) grabbed something from the boulangerie and magnetised around seven hundred odd looks on the metro in my direction.

Off I got at Charles de Gaulle – Etoile, and proceeded to scamper down the Champs Elysées looking like a giant banana, whilst scoffing my chausson aux pommes (apple slipper) from the bakery… And, to be frank I would have exuded more modishness if I were chewing on a slipper like a dog with a mocerson!


As I turned up I noticed that most people were in jeans and I was perpetually grateful that it was dark inside…

In a typical ‘at the Lido’ approach the music started in a theatrical fashion enough to set off a heart palpitation, and on came the lights. I absolutely loved the collection! Fatima primarily used a lot of green tones mixed with an immediate contrast of black and blue hues. The collection was really stimulated by nature, and the clothes, in the effect of a cocoon’s ‘mode’ of protection.


The shapes of each piece were very accentuated away from the body and rounded in shape in the vision to protect the femininity of each woman. The tones were really taken from the moss on the trees to capture the idea of the spring’s new beginnings, comparable to our collection at Charles Gillman Cosmetics – Paris, for this spring’s Moss & Melba. Melissa was right; the style was sexy, chic and just blatantly beautiful.

The makeup was observably not trying to sidetrack from the clothing, as it was natural with a barley there appearance. I’m so interested in fashion that I often disregard my own day job, which is to focus on the makeup!

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