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Girls Guide to Paris party

Gathering a slew of Paris bloggers and personalities for a coupe or two of bubbly at a fashion boutique on the Faubourg Saint Honoré,  seemed like a fabulous idea to me. Sign me up!


Towards the end of November Girls Guide to Paris threw a cocktail party at the Michael Kors boutique on the Faubourg Saint Honoré to promote their GO Card wich gives you exclusive access and discounts around Paris….what a fabulous place to have a coupe and mingle with other expats, bloggers and fashion people…

Did I mention they tempted the crowd with a bag giveaway in the form of a raffle?!? I’m not looking for a new bag, (I stay true to my Kasia Dietz Rive Droite tote, which needs washing terribly), but I thought it was a genius way for the girls of Girls Guide to Paris to get a bunch of women to attend a soirée!

I was really there for the networking. And, I did get to meet some fabulous Paris women entrepreneurs that I have been wanting to meet for a while now; et bien sûr, I ran into some that I have been seeing a lot of lately with all the pre-holiday events. I saw Sylvia of Finding Noon and Mary Kay of Out and About in Paris, always two fun and fabulous ladies to drink a little bubbly with (and it seems like that’s all we do together lately these days!) 😉

So I met Clémence of Paris Creators Studio who is full of ideas and über positive enthusiasm. I ran into the pétillante New Yorker behind the successful online magazine and PR expert Style Cartel. And I also ran into Sissi of Ask Sissi, who is an international brand strategist. I did meet her for about 30 seconds recently at the Neyenka beauty salon soirée. It was nice to speak with her for a bit longer. These three fantastic girls are bold and inventive, making their way in the creative and digital worlds of Paris and fashion and beyond. I am always impressed with ladies like this who come here as expats or cosmopolitan entrepreneurs and are able to muster up the courage to launch their own business. This is NOT an easy country to launch your own business in. You think there was a lot of paperwork involved in getting here? Well if that’s any indication, you can imagine how much is involved in becoming self employed. I for one have stayed the safe and comfortable route of being employed by someone else’s successful company. I am not sure I could handle the stress of self employment. But these girls have, and I applaud them.

Check them out via the links above and be inspired or see how you can collaborate with them!

Clémence : Paris Creators Studio
Me & Style Cartel


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