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Kong Bar by Kenzo


My friend Frank and I headed for drinks this Summer at the Kong bar to check out this trendy Paris spot. Set in the Pont Neuf building on the 5th and 6th floors and decorated by Starck in a baroque kitsch style. It was a cool retreat from the heat wave that was bearing down on the City of Lights.


We arrived rather early in the evening for an aperitif, so the place was almost empty and we had our pick of the place. And the place has an interesting menu of cocktails, but we stuck to wine as we were mostly there to enjoy the décor and relax away from the heat.

imageBut I can imagine the place would be even more interesting with a handful of fashion models lounging around and sleek well dressed people to oggle. We contented ourselves with the space and the peace and quiet though and were happy to be served by friendly waitresses.

imageI especially loved the high-back-canopy arm chairs which were quite comfy.

imageThe view gives out over the old Samaritaine building, that is currently being renovated for re-purposing as office space, housing, shopping and even day-care. I remember shopping there my first few years in Paris. It was a beautiful store.

imageWe headed out before the fashionable and fashionably late crowd had even started thinking about pre-dinner cocktails. But we were beat by the heat and happy to head home for the night.

1, rue du Pont Neuf, 75001 Paris
Tél. 01 40 390 900

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