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Aname – my new culinary orgasm

Many of you who know me,  know that I eat dairy free and that Chéri eats gluten free. We therefore find refuge and delight in Asian food.
When I lived in a little studio in the Belleville neighborhood we had a regular place where we would go and get our authentic fix. But since leaving that neighborhood it is less and less frequent that we make the treck over there for their amazing nems.


Now that we have moved over to the 17th I have been dying to try this place we heard about via Yelp called Aname. You MUST reserve if you want to get a table.  And if you want a bo bun, you should indicate that when you make your reservation! Yeah. It’s that good.


We finally got a table the other night. And oh. my. god. it was so worth the the trouble ( 3 unlucky attempts to reserve ).


As my entrée I had a mini bo bun. But it was not really mini. It was more like the perfect portion for a main dish. And it was, beyond a doubt, the best bo bun of my entire life. Chéri said his was second only to the ones he ate while traveling the back roads of Vietnam.


As my main dish… I had the most orgasmic shrimp plate…ever. It came with steamed veggies cooked to perfection, white rice (also perfect) and a salt shrimp sauce that I was warned to use sparingly (trèèèès salé). I cannot describe how much flavor existed in every. single. freekin’. bite,  every crunchy-with-a-squish-pure-delight shrimp bite. I literally frowned when the shrimp disappeared from my plate (even with my belly as tight as it was from all the indulgence). These shrimp were so good that I am instantly sedated just by thinking about them. Mmmhmm. Divine.

Chéri had something equally as delicious I’m sure ( a phô I think) but I was too busy paying attention to my shrimp to notice.  😉


Aname,  le bistrot Vietnamien.  101 rue Nollet 75017 Paris. Tel :

Bon appétit!


If you want to eat here, why not try them on the 17th of September. They will be celebrating their 1 year birthday! With an expo of young talents, a special menu  : for 30€ you get an entrée, plat & dessert and plus a chance to win one of several prizes (including a cooking class) a,d more surprises! Chéri would so love that! Some of the proceeds from the evenings festivities will go to a charity close to the Aname heart : Vert à Vernir ( an association that supports the “Thien An” children’s center in Cantho, Vietnam. Reserve for the 17th!


  1. I live in the Batignolles too, and our favorite (unlikely) choice for Thai is Thai-at-Home on rue des Moines. They’re mostly delivery with a small eat-in area (we get it to go), but their food rivals my favorite Thai in San Francisco. My two favorite dishes are shrimp with garlic and another shrimp starter whose name I’m forgetting now. Really, I can’t recommend them enough. Everything is super fresh, and the kitchen’s like an operating room according to my husband who took a peek.

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