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Tiki Lounge in Paris

Tiki Lounge 26 bis, rue de la Fontaine au Roi 75011 Paris – T.

P1210746So on the sunniest day we have had yet this very wet and rainy Spring in Paris, my friend from glorious California invites all his Parisian friends to meet for drinks during his short visit to the City of Rain Lights. I gave him a slight jabbing saying that he had no idea how sun-starved we all are, and he being from the bright beaches on the Pacific coast didn’t think anything of inviting us all to one of the darkest bars in town.
But in reality it was all very tropical inside and with the much needed heat outside, and the semblance of a Parrot Head paradise inside I was happy sipping on a couple of “Machete” cocktails (sweet and tart with a hint of cinnamon).
Tucked in between the Parmentier and République neighborhoods, it is a charming haven where you can almost believe that you live in some exotic destination for the duration of your evening. You are surrounded by all the typical elements that make a good tiki bar (as a proper Parrot Head, I should know!) : Exotic plants, lantern lighting, strange decorative fish, kitschy statuettes,  bamboo and thatched elements, a bar stocked with fabulous fruits and a guy behind it with a Hawaiian shirt on!
The cocktails are made with meticulous care (and a smile) and your menu choices are all fruity and delicious. For those who aren’t much of a fan of fruity concoctions, there is beer and wine among other soft drinks.

So for a refreshing escape from the rain that has since returned to Paris, enjoy something exotic at the Tiki Lounge! Happy hours : 18h – 20h30 🙂

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