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Quinntessences & LH Designs

Missing You In Paris from Prete Moi Paris on Vimeo.

As a Paris expat blogger, I am always happy to  let you all know about my other fellow expat friends and bloggers. I am thrilled to present you with two fabulous ladies today!

Quinn Connors as the model and stylist of the mini style story above, and  jewelry designer Leonor Heleno of Leonor Heleno Jewelry Designs.
Both of these two are expats in Paris, and are talented and creative ladies in their own right.
Quinn Connors
Quinn and I met in 2009 when she was a student in Paris, and have been friends ever since. She has an affinity for style, works in fashion and looks like a model. She has also mastered the art of dressing like the French (in my opinion) and always looks easily chic, yet flawless at the same time. She must have cracked the secret! Plus, she has a great knack for networking and putting people in touch who work well together, and have things in common. But beyond all of that, she is one of the warmest and kindest people I know. Working as an editorial translator for French Vogue at the moment, she will be leaving it all soon for even brighter horizons in Australia for a few years. She will be sorely missed, and required to return (by me) after 3 years maximum! 😉  I insist!
You’ll want to follow her blog because I KNOW this lady is going places!
Leonor Heleno Designs
Leo and I met in 2011, when she collaborated with me on my 3 year party to celebrate Prête-Moi Paris (read about that here). I was immediately taken in by her generosity, zen attitude and willingness to offer a helping hand. She comes from an eclectic ethnic background and a fabulous professional one as well. She decided to drop the career to make a business for herself, created her line of jewelry, and is having a blast doing it. She is able to be creative with her own tastes and styles as well as follow the trends (which you can always see updated on her blog). And she is always up-to-date on the trends!
A big HUGE merci to both of these fabulous women for their help in making this video. I hope you all liked it. I definitely want to do more similar projects so let me know what you all think in the comments.
*Bisous de Paris*
What Quinn was wearing :
Necklaces Les Convertibles, le Bracelet qui deviens Collier, Price 108 Euros, on
Bracelets Les Shinny, Price 69 Euros, on
High-waisted flared jeans – Marc by Marc Jacobs
Silk Blouse – Zara
Coat – J. Crew
Handbag – Brahmin
Clutch – Rebecca Minkoff


  1. Mel,

    I had such a blast working on this with you, and we lucked out with such gorgeous weather. Leonor the jewelry looks great!

    Gros bisous! Tu me manqueras.. xx

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